Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR_corporate_social_responsibility.jpg Guava Amenities strongly believe in creating positive impact to society and the environment through responsible sourcing, green amenities, toiletries as well as products that support local community efforts.

Some of our CSR initiatives include: Sustaining traditional crafts by generating market demand and interest in the work of traditional artisans. These have helped to conserve the unique cultural heritage of the artisans while sustaining their livelihoods through gainful employment. Through unique design concepts, woven natural fibres made by indigenous craftsmen are incorporated into products such as slippers, display basket and pouches. For our robes and slippers, we have commissioned printed fabric made using the indigenous batik fabrication technique resulting in products which are vibrant in color and able to withstand multiple wash.

We also minimize carbon footprint of our products by encouraging clients to utilize products made by manufacturing base that is nearest to their location.